Who We Are ?

We are a UK based management company specialized in the various sectors such as construction, business investment, food, import & export.

About Us

As CCI Group Founders and Employees, we are Professionals that has extensive experience in prestigious and complex projects in UK, Middle East & Europe.

Our Services Can Help At Different Stages Of Your Project From Concept, Building Design And Project Delivery. Whether You Require An End-To-End Service Or A Refurbishment, We Create Solutions To Meet Your Project Requirements.

As well as turn key solutions, we supply kitchen, joinery, alumininum cladding, tiling for construction projects.

we have wide range of supplier for the best quality food products whether fresh or frozen delivered to your address.

We pride on delivering exceptional solutions to meet your vision within your time-frame with expertise and confidence.

We are not just building a house or a commercial space we are building your dream.


The Way We Work

We ensure that all our workforces are in complete harmony whilst co-operating and working as one unit

Valuing everyone’s contribution towards the projects help us promote team spirit. Our motto “All for one & one for all

We value & respect everyone in our workforce and ensure that there is no discrimination on the basis of race, gender, culture or religion

Ensuring that each of our employee follows a set of guidelines to help synchronize everyone’s effort


Compliant with All Standards

ISO 50001

Implementing proper usage of energy resources and efficient usage of relevant resources


Ensuring that all Health & Safety standards are met, To provide quality products.

ISO 44001

Implementing practical strategies to ensure collaborative work


Your Home Is Your Epitome

Designing Your home according to Your taste to help you shift from one house to another without disturbing your way of life


Inspiring solutions

Building state-of-art markets in public places to allow for efficient discussion and dealings


Work Spaces

Allowing for systematic operation whilst maintain harmony between employee’s

No Job To Small

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